About Us

International Journal Impact Factor (IJIF) is instituted for providing Impact Factors of journals with the assistance of its increasing number of Journal database. IJIF also provides rating and Indexing service for Print and online Journals. An enormous database of articles/Papers from different nations in different disciplines aids providing quality data to the Authors, Students, Professor or anyone interested in Research.

The evaluation of journals is carried out by considering following factors:
1. Method of Publication: (Print or Online)
2. Subscription/Circulation (for Print Journals)
3. Access method: Open Access/Subscribed/Restricted/Paid
4. Peer Review Originality
5. Quality of the Articles and Editorials
6. Acceptance and Rejection rates
7. citation indexing
8. citation analysis
9. Online Journal Design & Ease of Navigation
10. Various other factors

Within the academic and scientific community, impact factors provided by IJIF are considered to authentic andĀ Genuine. Online Journals and Print Journals can use the logo of IJIF along with the Impact Factor given to them.

If you are interested in getting a free rating and/or Impact factor for your journals please submit your journal details to us, and we will provide you a link with your impact factor within 6-8 months.

We also request our readers to provide information/review/feedback of various journals they come across, which we will share with the rest of the community. Together we can make this initiative of providing rating and Impact Factors services a roaring success.

Please be advised that there are NO charges for any of our services or activities. Most of the contributors for our initiative are Working People in Various Institutes and organisations, so they may not be able to reply you immediately. If you have submitted a Journal for indexing, please be with patience as this may take several months.