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1. What is an Impact Factor?
Ans: Impact Factor is measure the relative importance of a journal within its field, with journals of higher journal impact factors deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. Journal Impact factors are calculated in yearly/half- yearly/ Quarterly/Monthly for those journals that are indexed in Journal Reference Reports (JRR).

2. Is there any fee to submit the Journal for Indexing?
Ans: NO, we provide this service free of cost for the benefit of research community.

3. Is there any fee for providing us with an Impact Factor?
Ans: NO, There is no fee that we charge. We will not charge any fee for any of our services.

4. Why do you give higher Impact Factor for Print Journals?
Ans: Print Journals will have more impact on the minds of readers, though citations may be less. So we give a better ranking for citations of Print journals when compared to online Journals.

5. Our journal is a new Journal, will you give us an impact factor?
Ans: Though Impact factor are calculated annually, we can calculate impact factors for New Journals with minimum of 12 published issues. Please be advised that impact factor may be very less or zero for such evaluations.

6. Is impact factor the ultimate tool of journal evaluation?
Ans: Though there are criticism about Impact factors, at present its the best available tool. We are also trying to develop a rating system.

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