List of Best International Journals Published from India

Top Ten Indian International Journals

JOURNAL NAME Asian Economic Review
ISSN 0004-4555
JOURNAL NAME Osmania Journals of International Business Studies
ISSN 00973-5372
JOURNAL NAME The IUP Journal of Management Research
ISSN 0972-5342
JOURNAL NAME Technology Spectrum Journal
ISSN 0974-6854 (Print)
JOURNAL NAME International Journal & Magazine of Engineering, Technology, Management and Research (IJMETMR)
ISSN 2348-4845
JOURNAL NAME Indian Philosophical Quarterly
ISSN 0376-415X
JOURNAL NAME Indian Journal of Dental Sciences (IJDS)
ISSN 0976-4003
JOURNAL NAME International Journal of Management and Cross Cultural Research
ISSN 2320-6152
JOURNAL NAME The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences
ISSN 2348-4357
ISSN 0972-8406